Consumer Units


The consumer unit (commonly referred to as the fuseboard) is the heart of any wiring installation. Its job is to route the electricity via fuses and breakers to the buildings ring mains and circuits.


Mains electricity first made it into homes over 100 years ago and since then advances in technology have led to huge improvements in electrical distribution and safety.


In the 1950’s re-wirable, open consumer units were introduced, these units used different grade wires as fuses and in many cases left exposed live wiring on show (not good news!). Fortunately property re-wiring and upgrading has put many of these installations out of circulation.

Since the mid 1990’s most homes have be fitted with RCD’s (Residual Current Device), RCBO’s (Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overload Protection) and MCB’s (Miniature Circuit Breaker). These breakers employ technologies that can prevent damage caused by an overload or short circuit, thus making these installations much safer.


At James Brown Properties we can inspect your consumer unit to see if it meets current safety standards and advice on any upgrade or replacement.


By law all new wiring circuits must be connected to modern breakers. If you have any doubts with regards to your installation, then let us know and we can advise on your best course of action.

Removal or replacement of a consumer unit must only be carried out by an electrician qualified to Part P regulation standards.


Our top priority is the safety and satisfaction of our customers. We use dust reducing methods and operate a ‘shoes off’ policy whilst in your property.


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